The Adamson Family


Welcome to our ADAMSON Family heritage pages. 

 This family is in research, but what we know about it, is gladly shared here.  If you are a member of the ADAMSON family and can benefit from this information, please feel free to combine it with your own genealogical research.  Jenelle


Thomas H. Adamson was born between 1803 and 1810 inJefferson County, Tennessee.  He married Phoebe Joslin, she was born 1836 in Indiana to her parents William and Sarah (?) Joslin. Thomas and Phoebe married February 21, 1850 Andrew County Missouri.  Thomas died in 1860 in Collin County, Texas.

Parents of:

Theodore Adamson b. November 1859 Collin County, Texas

and his sister

Louisa Jane Adamson was born July 27, 1852 in Andrews County, Missouri.  She married David Robert Blanton October 31, 1869 in McKinny,Collin County, Texas .David Robert was born April 09,1844 in Tishomingo, Mississippi. David Robert Blanton served in the Civil War for the Confederated Sstates of America. He died November 24, 1894 and is buried in Avalon, Ellis County,Texas at the Bardwell Cemetery. Louisa Jane Adamson Blanton died March 25, 1940 and is buried in Abline, Taylor County, Texas.

They are the parents of:

David Elijah Blanton b. 1877 m. Zada Creech of Texas

They are the parents of:

David William Blanton b.. 1911 m. Lenora Dillon of Texas

They are the parents of:

Donna Jenelle Blanton Wilcox b. 1944 of California m. Gary Wilcox of Kansas